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How do I get Started?

The purpose of FeedGeni is to make managing product feeds across shopping channels easier. After everything is set up, your feeds will automatically update to your shopping channels

Follow these steps to get started:

After your products have been imported, you can create your first feed. You can follow our guides for creating a basic feed and creating a custom feed.

After the feed has been created, you need to submit the data in your product feed to your specific shopping channel. If your shopping channel is one that is natively supported in FeedGeni, you can find submission link instructions in this article. If you are using a different shopping channel than one that is listed in the article, you can typically find documentation on submitting data in the help docs section of your shopping channel.

Once you have submitted your data feed to the shopping channel, your product feed should be linked.

Repeat this process for any specific feeds/shopping channels you need to connect.

Updated on: 04/29/2024

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