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What Advanced Feed Tools Does FeedGeni Offer?

The Advanced Feed Tools can be located in the Tools section of the app.

FeedGeni offers the following advanced tools to help edit and manage your feeds across various shopping channels.

Product Mapping

Shopify store owners do not need to use this feature as all attributes are automatically mapped right from installation.

While this process is done by default within FeedGeni, this feature allows you to map your store’s specific attributes or column heads to the app.

For example, if your platform uses “options” instead of “variants” to identify variations of products, you could use the Product Mapping Tool to map the FeedGeni attribute of "variant" to your store attribute of "options." This ensure that FeedGeni selects the correct information from your store.

Inventory Rules

Inventory rules allow you to create your own rules that change the product data that will appear in your feed. This feature if particularly useful if the e-commerce platform being utilized doesn't allow certain fields in your product feed but those fields are required on the shopping channel.

For example, if a store owner sells apparel for both men and women then an inventory rule regarding gender would be necessary for them to submit a feed to Google Shopping where gender and age are mandatory fields. Setting an inventory rule allows for the merchant to create a specific rule for how that data appears in the feed

Google Custom Labels

This feature is only applicable to Google Shopping Channels

This feature allows you to create specific labels for products that will appear in a Google Shopping Channel

For example, adding labels to sale items will allow you to place targeted advertising campaigns with those specific products

Weight Conversion

This feature is best for merchants using a Shopping Channel that utilizes a different unit of measurement for weight than their store

This feature allows users to convert the weight of a product to a different unit of measurement to meet the needs of a specific shopping channel

Tax Rules

Tax rules allow you to apply specific tax percentages to both regular product and sale prices

Updated on: 04/19/2024

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