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How to Create a Custom Feed

From the Feeds page, click Create a new feed

Select Create Custom Feed

Give your Feed a name so you can differentiate it from other feeds on the same channel. If your channel follows a common format, choose the best option from the platforms listed. Otherwise, click on No Template and type in the Custom Channel Name. Then, Click Next

Choose the Feed Format required by the channel. If you have an alternate link or would like to exclude BOM from your file, this can be done here. Otherwise, click Next

Depending on the file format chosen, you might receive the following message. Simply click Got it

Edit your feed contents to include the data you need. You can do this by including the values from your catalog, static values, or complex rules. If you need to add more parameters, you can do that by clicking +Add parameter in the bottom left corner. When you have made the necessary edits, click Next

As an optional step, you can add product filters to alter which products are included in this specific feed. To do this, click on +Add filter and then select your options. When you’re finished adding your filters or if you’re choosing not to add filters, click Next

As you add product filters, you will see the number of products on the right side of the screen change. This indicates how many products will be published based on the filters you've set

Below each category listed, click into the corresponding space that reads Click here to map category

While product mapping is optional, it is highly recommended

Begin typing the category to trigger the auto populated list

When you have chosen the appropriate category, review your choice and click Save. Continue this process until all of the categories have been mapped

Review the mapping categories. If everything looks correct, click Create

While the feed is being created, you will be brought back the main Feeds Page. Once the feed is complete it will marked as Updated

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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