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How to Include a Metafield in a Custom Channel Feed

This article explains how to edit an existing feed to add metafields. If you want to add metafields to a new feed, you can follow this process to Create a Custom Feed

To edit an existing feed to add metafields, click on the 3 dots to the right of the Custom Feed you want to edit. Click on Edit

Metafields are only supported in Custom Feeds

If desired, changes to feed name and template can be done here. Otherwise, click Next

Edit information if necessary. Click Next

Click +Add parameter in the bottom left corner to add another section

Type in the Item name and select the desired Item type from the drop down menu. In the Item content dropdown, choose the correct metafield for this parameter

Continue to add or edit parameters as needed. When these are completed, click Next

Make edits to filters if needed. Otherwise, click Next

If there are no edits to the category mapping section needed, click Update to save the updates to the feed

You will be taken back to the Feeds Section of the app and receive a green success notification in the top right corner

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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