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Submitting your feed to Facebook

Go to or log in or create a Facebook manager account if you don't have one.

In your business manager account, go to data sources, and click on catalogs, then click on add, then click on ‘create new catalog’

Give your catalog a name and select the type of your catalog, then click on create

Proceed to add people and select the permission preference, then click assign

Click open in catalog manager

Select your preference for using your catalog. In this case. I’ll use ‘ads to drive traffic’, then click ‘add products’

In the ‘add products to your catalog’ tab, select ‘use data feeds’ then click on ‘next’

Proceed to set your file settings, i.e, give it a name and then set the currency

Then proceed to select the upload method. Choose the ‘set automatic file upload schedule

Copy the URL from FeedGeni and paste it into the space provided. Ignore the login details as the FeedGeni feed doesn’t require a password to access.

Choose your preference for the upload schedule. I.e, if you want your product listings updated, hourly, daily, or weekly. The ‘automatically upload new versions’ is already turned on by default. Leave it on.

Click on ‘start upload’ to import your products

After your product feed is done importing, you can click on the ‘overview’ tab to see a breakdown of details about the feed.

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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