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Submitting your data feed to BingAds

To upload your product data to Bing, you'll need to first verify your website using Bing Webmaster Tools.

Now, let’s proceed to create the catalog and add the feed.

Go back to your bing ads account, then go to tools, then click on Bing Merchant Center.

Click on create a store, provide the information requested, and click save

You’ll be taken to your store account. Click on Catalog management, then click on ‘create catalog’. Give your catalog a name, then select the location. Then under catalog feed file, choose ‘automatically download from URL

Copy the Bing feed URL from FeedGeni and paste it in the URL field provided, then edit the download frequency, time, and time zone to suit your preference. Then, click on ‘download when save’ to immediately download your feed to Bing, then finally hit the ‘save’ button.

Updated on: 30/12/2022

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