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How to manually submit your feed to Google Merchant Center

Sign in to your Google Merchant account. On your homepage, click on ‘products’, then click on feeds

Click on the blue '+' button to add your feed

Select your country of sale, language, and destinations (which Google platforms you want your products to show on)

Click continue

Give your feed a name. Eg. google feed 1

Then choose the method of connecting your product data feed. FeedGeni uses the 'scheduled fetch' method.

Click continue

Enter the name of your feed file. For FeedGeni, we call it 'export.txt'.

Set the frequency, time and time zone

copy the feed URL from FeedGeni and paste it into the space provided. The feed URL isn't password-protected so leave that blank.

Click 'create feed' to create your feed

Click on your feed name on your products page, and click fetch now to immediately sync your product file to Google Merchant instead of waiting for the scheduled time of import

Updated on: 30/12/2022

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