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How to filter products in a feed.

Publishing specific products means you want to include only some specific products in the feed. For example, you might want to only include your best sellers in the feed, or only products that are in stock. To do that, first tick the "I want to publish specific products" then click on the ‘select attribute’ dropdown.

Example: Select ‘quantity’, then change the operator to ‘greater than’ then type in 0. Here, you’re telling the app to remove all products that are out of stock and to include only products that are in stock. You can add more parameters at your discretion.

This is the last step of the feed creation setup.

Proceed to hit the ‘Create’ button to create your feed.

The app redirects you to the dashboard where you can see your newly created feed. Always remember to allow up to 10mins or more for the feed file to be fully created.

Updated on: 28/12/2022

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