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How to create a Stylight feed

On the Create Feed page, "Create Custom Feed" and give a name to your product feed.

Choose the required feed file requested by your channel. Then select your preferred separator.

Select the channel you want to create the feed for. If you can't find it in the list then select "Others" and give your custom channel name. In this example, I will be naming the custom channel "Stylight_CustomFeed", you can choose to name your custom channel how you please

Understand the mapping of Stylight and map the fields accordingly. Select the MC header and begin mapping. (Product name, Product description, etc). You can add more parameters at your discretion.

Proceed to the categorization of your products. Categorization helps the platform showcase your products under the right class or type they belong to. This is an optional step and not every platform requires this.

Once you are done with product categorization, the next step is also an optional step for filtering which of your products should be included in the feed file. For example, you might want to only include your best sellers in the feed, or only products that are in stock. To do that, click on the ‘select attribute’ dropdown.

Select ‘quantity’, then change the operator to ‘greater than’ then type in 0. Here, you’re telling the app to remove all products that are out of stock and to include only products that are in stock.

Proceed to hit the ‘Create’ button to create your feed.

Updated on: 28/12/2022

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